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Related Wind Firms Create Single O&M Provider

Oslo, Norway - Four well-known renewables firms have joined forces to create an unparalleled operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider for offshore wind farm operators.

The Fred. Olsen related companies – led by Fred. Olsen Windcarrier and with Global Wind Service, Natural Power and ZephIR Lidar – have come together to offer the full range of their services through a single contact point. The scope will include inspections, major component exchange, integrated service campaigns, blade repair, high voltage management, life extension, decommissioning and repowering.

According to Fred. Olsen, this alliance means clients can source the complete range of O&M services through a single contracting body, which will reduce risk and management interfaces, simplify contracting and lower costs.

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier’s Chief Executive Officer Even Larsen said: “With offshore wind capacity increasing in Europe and around the world, we recognised it was an opportune time to consolidate our complementary skills, shared industry commitment and previous cooperation. Together we have the people, vessels and expertise required to ensure offshore wind owners maximise the generating potential of their plant.”

According to Fred. Olsen the joint initiative comes at a time when the O&M sector has emerged as a significant industry in its own right, accounting for approximately 25 per cent of a wind farm’s lifetime costs.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2017