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Development of Next Generation 10+ MW Offshore Wind Turbines

Hamburg, Germany - The ReaLCoE project led by Senvion serves the strategic mission to develop the "Next Generation 10+MW rated, Robust, Reliable and Large Offshore Wind Energy Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity".

The team gathered around Senvion includes 14 major stakeholders (e.g. ABB AB, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Jan De Nul NV) along the complete value chain of the offshore wind energy sector. According to Senvion, ReaLCoE's vision is "to unleash the full potential of offshore wind energy to be in direct competition with conventional energy sources in electricity markets worldwide". As the company points out, this project turns this vision into reality through the vertical integration of the value chain, by moving from sequential to modular and parallel development, testing and certification while engaging in new forms of collaboration.

Starting from 1 May 2018 and for the next three and a half years, Senvion will lead the implementation of ReaLCoE, a pan-European R&D project funded by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 program. The successful prototype operation is succeeded by the installation of a pre-series array in a real offshore environment by 2021, which will validate the developed concept.

As the wind turbine manufacturer says, the contribution foreseen by the European Commission inaugurates a new partnership between leading institutions and companies. The project will secure Europe's front runner position in the offshore wind energy industry generating growth and jobs through healthy competition in the global offshore wind turbine market, Senvion adds.

Source: IWR Online, May 05 2018