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GfM Gesellschaft für Maschinendiagnose mbH

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Company Profile

GfM was established in 1999 by Dr. Rainer Wirth, Axel Haubold and Kai Uchtmann and offers with its 15employees (2009) across all industries, the vibration diagnosis as a service, torque measurements and torsional vibration analysis as well as seminars on these topics. Meanwhile, an annual turnover of 1.4 million Euros will be realised.
By means of the vibration diagnosis it is possible to detect smallest irregularities at drives especially at the gearbox at an early stage. These irregularities can be for instance damages at rolling bearings and gears, imbalance and alignment errors. That way the operator gets information on the condition which helps to plan the maintenance work, reduce costs and saves him from unplanned shutdowns.
The Peakanalyzer is a development of GfM and sold since 2004. There are 140 plants in the field of wind energy which are monitored by the Peakanalyzer in 2009. Furthermore, there are 1.200 drive trains which are vibration diagnostically checked through off-line measurements annually.
The GfM is independent. There exist absolutely no commitments to replacement part distributors, maintenance companies or insurance companies for the drive engineering. The diagnosis and expert reports are consequently neutral.

Business Sectors

In the field of the energy market is the wind energy the main field of application for vibration diagnostic services of GfM. On a smaller scale measurements take place in the area of hydropower.

Products and Services

The product line includes:
- Online Condition Monitoring systems (CMS)
- Offline-diagnosis systems
- Vibration diagnosis as a service
- Torque measurements and torsional vibration analyses
- Seminars

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