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Daystar Power to be Acquired by Shell

Oct 04, 2022 16:28 | Lago, Nigeria - Daystar Power, a West African provider of hybrid solar power solutions to commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses, announced its acquisition by Shell. Shell will acquire Daystar Power, which is subject to regulatory approvals, to deliver carbon emission reductions and power cost savings to C&I businesses across Africa. read more...

Renewable Energy Investment Forum to be Held in Nigeria This Year

Apr 22, 2016 14:01 | Abuja, Nigeria - A renewable energy investment forum and exhibition will be held in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja, at the end of 2016. read more...

Terrawatt Planungsgesellschaft mbH - First Wind Park Project in Nigeria

Oct 07, 2010 17:17 | Leipzig, Germany