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Nordex Receives 168 MW order in Mexico

Hamburg - The Nordex Group has received in September a new order from its regular customer Acciona Energia for the construction of a wind farm in Mexico. The wind farm

The site is located in Tamaulipas in the north-east of Mexico, 40 km to the south of Reynosa. Under the conditions prevailing there the turbines will produce electricity for some 350,000 households in the region. The Nordex Group will deliver the turbines, which will be built on 120 metre towers, in the coming year. Acciona Energia plans to commission them in 2018.

In the first bidding round of this year Acciona Energia was awarded a contract to provide 585.7 GWh of energy. The power plant operator will materialise this contract in the wind farm "El Cortijo". The company operates turbines in Mexico with a capacity of 556.5 MW, which equates to around one fifth of the installed market volume. Overall, AW turbines with a capacity of some 860 MW are connected to the grid in Mexico.

Source: IWR Online, Nov 11 2016