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Nordex Builds Wind Farms in Finland

Hamburg, Kallinchen, Dresden / Germany- Finland is increasingly developing into an interesting wind energy market. With the Konttisuo wind farm of Energiequelle GmbH, a project with Nordex turbines is about to start construction. Nordex has received a further order for a Finnish project from the VSB Group.

This week, Energiequelle GmbH will commence construction of the Finnish Konttisuo wind farm. In contrast, construction work on the Finnish wind farm Juurakko, which is being built by VSB from Dresden, is not scheduled to commence until summer 2022. Nordex wind turbines will be used for both wind farms. In view of the demanding climatic conditions, both project developers have decided to construct the turbines in a cold-climate variant, which will allow the turbines to operate even at temperatures as low as -30°C.

Start of construction for energy source Konttisuo wind farm

The project planner and operator Energiequelle from Kallinchen near Zossen in Brandenburg is starting construction work this week on its second wind energy project in Finland. The Kontissuo wind farm comprises seven Nordex N149/4.0-4.5 turbines with a total capacity of 29.96 megawatts (MW). The site is located around 20 kilometers southeast of the municipality of Soini on the border between South Ostrobothnia and Central Finland. The contract, which Nordex received from Energiequelle in March 2020, also includes a premium service contract for the turbines for a period of 25 years. Kontissuo is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2021.

The turbines will be supplied in the cold climate version with anti-icing system. The heating of the system prevents the accumulation of ice on the rotor blades and turbines. Switching off is not necessary, which has a positive effect on the yield. According to Nordex, this allows the turbines to operate without any problems at temperatures as low as -30°C, thus ensuring year-round electricity production at climatically very demanding locations such as those in the Nordic countries.

After Paltusmäki (five turbines), Konttisuo is the second project Energiequelle is implementing in Finland since entering the market in 2016. The team now has six employees, and further projects with a total output of over 800 MW are in the pipeline.

VSB orders 7 Nordex N163/5.X turbines for Juurako wind farm

In addition, Nordex has received a contract from the German project developer VSB in Dresden for the delivery of the turbines for the company's first Finnish wind farm. The Juurakko wind farm will be equipped with seven N163/5.X turbines, the manufacturer’s latest 5 MW turbine technology for light-wind sites. The turbines are to be installed at the site on the west coast of Finland near the city of Kalajoki from spring 2022. According to Nordex, the N163/5.X turbine is designed for locations with lower wind speeds and can be operated in different power modes within the 5 MW range. As part of the 39.9 MW "Juurakko" wind farm, the turbines will produce clean wind power in the 5.7 MW mode. Nordex is also supplying the turbines for this wind farm in the cold climate variant and with the Nordex anti-icing system for the rotor blades. In addition to the delivery of the turbines, the order for Nordex comprises a premium service contract for a period of 20 years for the full maintenance of the turbines.

Source: IWR Online, Jul 07 2020