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Education and Training: RENAC Offers New Training Course in Green Financing

Berlin, Germany - A new master's program will expand the range of financial training courses offered by the Berlin-based educational provider Renewables Academy (RENAC) in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the fall.

The Master of Science programme in Business Management with a focus on 'Green Energy and Climate Finance' will be launched for the first time in October in cooperation with the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HWR).

A prerequisite for the new course of study is the successful completion of the blended learning training program "Green Energy Finance Specialist", which will start again on 1st October. The new program qualifies students for management positions in international companies and organizations. The main focus of the program is on project management, applications and the acquisition of strategic and operational skills. According to RENAC, this is the first distance learning program worldwide that offers the opportunity to earn a prestigious Master of Science in Business Management (MSc.) degree with a focus on green energy and climate finance.

“Knowing technology-specific risks and risk avoidance strategies is essential for financiers. This provides a comprehensive overview of the right assessment criteria at an early stage," says RENAC's CEO Berthold Breid with regard to the new expanded training program. "We are looking forward to the future cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (HWR) to further strengthen the know-how in the financial sector for renewable energy projects", Breid continued.

Source: IWR Online, Sep 09 2020