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New Wind Farms: GE Renewable Energy Lands Record Order in the USA

Schenectady, USA - GE Renewable Energy has been awarded a record order with 1,050 megawatts (MW) of total wind energy capacity for the Western Spirit Wind Farms in New Mexico. The customer is Pattern Energy, a private developer and operator of wind, solar, transmission and energy storage projects.

The wind energy projects will install a total of 377 turbines with a rated capacity of 2.3 to 2.8 MW. To optimize wind power yield, the wind turbines will have different tower heights.

The turbines will be installed at a total of four wind farms near Corona, which will span Torrance, Lincoln and Guadalupe counties. In addition, Pattern is building a 155-mile transmission line that will transport the power to a substation west of Albuquerque and then to California.

Delivery of the turbines has already begun, with commercial operation planned by the end of 2021. The agreement also includes a 10-year full service agreement (FSA). Calculated, the turbines can power more than 590,000 homes.

GE Energy Consulting, on behalf of Pattern Energy, prepared a series of power system and equipment studies for the project to support, among other things, the construction of the new transmission line and the construction of the substations and wind farms. These studies are now being used to ensure proper operation of the overall system after installation, among other things.

Founded in 2009, Pattern Energy says it has more than 4,500 MW of renewable generation capacity at sites in the United States, Canada and Japan.

Source: IWR Online, Jan 01 2021