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Executive Board Expansion: Simon Hagedorn Becomes New Enertrag Chief Financial Officer

Dauerthal, Germany - The Supervisory Board of Enertrag has decided to expand the former three-member Executive Board to include the position of a Chief Financial Officer.

As of April 1, 2021, Simon Hagedorn will be appointed Chief Financial Officer of Enertrag AG. The 36-year-old business economist will be responsible for the areas of Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Management and Accounting.

The expansion of the Executive Board is intended to reflect the success of the company, which has grown by around 15 percent annually in recent years. In addition, with an enlarged board, Enertrag is preparing for further growth in its international business and in the area of power-to-gas and, thus, the advancing sector coupling.

"We are very happy that we were able to win Simon Hagedorn, a proven financial expert and dynamic colleague from our company, for the Executive Board," said Enertrag Supervisory Board Chairman Dr. Burkhard Bastuck. "We are particularly pleased that with Simon, a young colleague is joining the Executive Board who has spent almost his entire professional career with us. An excellent example of a successful ENERTRAG career," adds Jörg Müller, Enertrag CEO.

The expansion of the Executive Board is also accompanied by a reorganization of responsibilities. In addition to project development, Dr. Gunar Hering will be responsible for Human Resources and Legal Affairs. Matthias König will continue to be responsible for Construction, Operations, Purchasing and Electricity Grids. Company founder and CEO Jörg Müller will devote more time to Digitisation, Organisational Development and political support for the advancing energy transition.

Source: IWR Online, Apr 04 2021