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Deutsche Windtechnik Scores on Offshore Wind Farms and ADLS Tender

Utrecht, the Netherlands / Bremen, Germany - Deutsche Windtechnik continues to expand its business activities in the field of offshore wind farm maintenance and Aircraft Detection Light System (ADLS). The company reports major offshore orders from the Netherlands and the award of a major ADLS tender.

The development of the service and maintenance specialist for onshore and offshore wind farms Deutsche Windtechnik continues to be dynamic in 2021. With the conclusion of service contracts for four offshore wind farms in the Netherlands and the award of contracts to equip 110 wind turbines with its transponder-based ADLS system, the Bremen-based company has reached further important milestones.

Service contracts signed for four Dutch offshore wind farms in the first quarter of 2021

In the first three months of 2021, Deutsche Windtechnik Netherlands signed four new contracts for the inspection and maintenance of the "balance of plants" for the four Dutch offshore wind farms (OWPs) Gemini, Prinses Amalia, Eneco Luchterduinen and Hollandse Kust Zuid. The scope of the contract includes the maintenance of the monopiles and transition pieces of wind turbines and substations, both internal and external. The clients for Deutsche Windtechnik are the utilities Vattenfall and Eneco, for which Deutsche Windtechnik has been providing service in the Netherlands for more than five years.

Work at the Gemini OWP has been underway since March and will last 12 months. At the Hollandse Kust Zuid OWP, work will start in July and is scheduled to last 18 months. The agreements for the Prinses Amalia and Eneco Luchterduinen OWPs will start next summer and will continue for five years. The contracts strengthen Deutsche Windtechnik's position in the Netherlands in the long term, especially from the port of IJmuiden, which will be one of the most important Dutch ports for offshore wind in the next ten years, the company said.

"We are very happy and also proud that we can take responsibility and carry out high quality inspections as well as maintenance work with optimised cost structures at these four Dutch offshore wind farms," said Niels Noordeloos, Business Development Manager Deutsche Windtechnik B.V. IJmuiden is an optimal base for Deutsche Windtechnik's work at the Prinses Amalia, Eneco Luchterduinen and Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farms, he added. Deutsche Windtechnik's office and warehouse in IJmuiden are located directly on the quay, allowing inspectors and technicians to board the crew transfer vessels (CTVs) directly. Work at the Gemini OWP is to be carried out from the customer's DPII vessel, which operates out of Eemshaven.

Deutsche Windtechnik wins ADLS tender from EWE Erneuerbare Energien

Deutsche Windtechnik also reports that it has been awarded a contract in EWE Erneuerbare Energien GmbH's tender in the field of Aircraft Detection Light System (ADLS). Deutsche Windtechnik will equip a portfolio of 110 wind turbines of different system technologies with its transponder-based ADLS system. The ADLS system will be installed in various configurations: as a complete solution or by integrating the manufacturer's ADLS interface.

The portfolio to be retrofitted comprises turbines that are commonly installed in Germany, including various models from Enercon, Senvion, Vestas, Siemens, Nordex and Fuhrländer. The wind turbines are spread across 25 wind farms throughout Germany, with some of the ADLS systems being installed across wind farms.

Deutsche Windtechnik submitted the best overall offer for retrofitting the EWE onshore portfolio with ADLS technology, according to Ewald Heyen, who managed the tender at EWE Renewable Energies. "Deutsche Windtechnik has been providing maintenance for various EWE wind farms for several years already, in particular for wind turbines from the manufacturers Fuhrländer, Nordex, Senvion and Vestas. „For this reason, we already know the company very well, and it has impressed us in the past with its good performance," Heyen continued.

"The fact that it can be configured and used independently of the system technology and adapted to the existing turbines and wind farm infrastructure is a significant advantage," Jasper Salzwedel, Senior Sales Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik, emphasizes the flexibility of the ADLS system.

Source: IWR Online, Jun 06 2021