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Market Entry in Poland: Enertrag Betrieb Continues its Internationalisation Course

Dauerthal, Germany - Near the town of Koslin (pl. Koszalin) in Poland is the site of the Dunowo wind farm complex. Back in February 2020, Enertrag started the construction phase of the two project sections Dargikowo and Karlino, which soon will be completed.

The Dargikowo wind field includes 43 Siemens Gamesa G132 and G126 wind turbines as well as Vestas V126 with a total capacity of 132.8 MW. In the Karlino wind field, 16 turbines of the types Siemens Gamesa G132 and 126 with a capacity of 53 MW are expected to go into operation this month (July 2021). Upon completion, Enertrag Betrieb will take over long-term engineering management.

"The wind turbines are slated for handover to us in July. We still have to make a few final tweaks, such as migrating the wind-turbine data to our Powersystem so that we can monitor and manage the wind farms," says Miriam Bordonaro, Head of Engineering Management..

According to Enertrag, the projects were characterised by lengthy administrative procedures, efforts to obtain grid connection and, ultimately, travel restrictions due to the pandemic. But in retrospect, these were all all aspects that motivated the Polish team, says Christoph Sowa, Head of Project Development Poland. With a total of 59 wind turbines, which together have a capacity of almost 186 MW and generate a total annual electricity volume of almost 600 GWh, Enertrag is making a valuable contribution to the Polish energy transition, Sowa continues.

In addition to France, Poland’s an interesting, emerging market targeted by the company for its European growth because the nation’s gradually embracing renewable energy. As a pioneer of green hydrogen usage in Europe, ENERTRAG wants to play a key role in Poland’s hydrogen strategy and in this respect, just like in Germany too, help transform coal mining regions.

Under the Enertrag Betrieb brand, Enertrag Windstrom GmbH, a subsidiary of Enertrag AG, pools all the technical expertise in the operational phase of wind power projects.

Source: IWR Online, Jul 07 2021