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Nordex Turbines: Energiequelle GmbH Builds Wind Farm In Finland

Takanebacken, Finland - Project developer and operator Energiequelle GmbH started construction of the Takanebacken wind farm in Finland at the end of August. The wind farm with a capacity of 28.5 MW is located in the municipality of Maalahti in Österbotten, approximately 40 km south of Vaasa.

Five Nordex N163 turbines with a hub height of 148 m and a capacity of 5.7 MW each will be installed. Project manager Atte Lohman: "We are truly delighted to begin the construction works in Takanebacken. Energiequelle stepped into the project in 2016, when the project was at a very early stage. The positive attitude and support from the municipality of Maalahti, landowners and our cooperation partners have been extremely valuable throughout the entire development process."

The turbines are scheduled to be commissioned in the fall of 2022. The park will produce around 100 GWh (100 million kWh) per year.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2021