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Expansion: LM Wind Power Commissions Second Production Line For Offshore Blades

Cherbourg, France - Facing increasing demand, rotor blade manufacturer LM Wind Power, part of GE Renewable Energy, has started a second production line at its plant in Cherbourg, France, for the 107-meter rotor blades that will equip GE Haliade-X offshore wind turbines.

The second rotor blade mold now in use has previously gone through the prototype phase. GE Renewable Energy has also announced plans to invest further in modernizing the plant. The company plans to expand the site with the construction of an additional hall for finishing the rotor blades (post-molding) before they are shipped.

It also plans to hire 200 new employees at the site to meet growing demand from the offshore wind industry. This would bring the total number of employees to around 800. Each new employee will undergo an intensive six-week training program at the plant, designed to impart the necessary skills and technical knowledge for the manufacture of rotor blades. At the Cherbourg site, new employees will mainly be recruited for production. In addition, production supervisors, quality controllers and maintenance technicians are also being sought.

LM Wind Power has rotor blade factories worldwide in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Poland, Spain, France, Turkey and the United States. The Cherbourg plant opened about three and a half years ago in April 2018 as the first wind turbine rotor blade manufacturing facility in France. Since 1978, LM Wind Power has produced more than 241,000 rotor blades, representing more than 121,000 MW (121 GW) of installed capacity. In 2018, LM became the first carbon-neutral company in the wind industry, according to GE.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2021