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New Development: GE Introduces New Next-Generation Onshore Wind Turbine, Sierra

Schenectady, USA - GE Renewable Energy has introduced its latest onshore wind turbine platform with the product name "Sierra".

The new platform was developed specifically for the North America region. The turbine is offered in a power range between 3.0 to 3.4 megawatts (MW). The turbine features a 140-meter rotor and will be available with various hub heights. GE is relying on its two-piece rotor blade for the new turbine, which is expected to improve logistics, installation and serviceability.

The Sierra turbine builds on GE's best-selling 2-MW platform, which recently surpassed 30,000 MW (30 GW) of installed capacity worldwide. The two Sierra platform prototype plants, located in Lubbock, TX, Texas, and Kamataka, India, have each been successfully tested for more than a year.

" We are absolutely delighted to introduce our Sierra platform to the North America onshore wind industry-- the most tested and validated turbine in GE’s history," said Pat Byrne, CEO of GE's Onshore Wind business. The turbine was specifically designed to meet the future needs and unique challenges of the region, he said, with GE taking into account feedback and insights from customers and wind farm developers.

The Sierra turbines will be manufactured at GE's Pensacola manufacturing facility in Florida, with a significant portion of the components sourced from North America. GE Renewable Energy said it has already received orders for more than 1,000 MW (1 GW) of the new turbine platform.

Source: IWR Online, May 05 2022