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GE and Partners to Build First Hybrid Wind + Solar Project in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey - GE and its regional solution partner Inogen have been selected by Sertavul to build one of the first Hybrid Wind + Solar projects in Turkey.

The plant is composed of a 32 MW wind farm commissioned in 2020 that will be integrated with a 30 MW solar plant.

The addition of the photovoltaic plant with a solar tracking system to the wind farm will provide an overall higher capacity factor and higher availability for the plant. GE stated that delivering dispatchable renewable energy can now be fed into the grid because the sun shines during the day and strong winds often blow at night at this location.

Sertavul’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Kemal TAŞ stated: “We are proud to have implemented the first Hybrid project in Turkey with the cooperation of Sertavul, GE and Inogen."

GE will supply seven FLEX Inverter solar power inverter units for the solar plant. This project is the world's first installation of GE's 4.7 MW solar solution. The company has already delivered a total of 1.3 GW of FLEX Inverter technology to Turkey.

Source: IWR Online, Jun 06 2022