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Autonomous Inspection Solution: Topseven Receives US Patent For Drone-based Method

Starnberg, Germany - Topseven GmbH & Co. KG has received a US patent for its automated visual inspection and contactless lightning protection measurement using drones.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Starnberg-based company the US patent "Method of determining a path along an object, system and method for automatically inspecting an object".

Topseven was thus able to secure the exclusive technology for the automated and highly precise inspection of wind turbines, including contactless lightning protection measurement, for the US market as well.

Topseven uses autonomous flying drones to inspect infrastructure. The technology is the only one in the world that allows autonomous drone flight at close range, enabling gapless inspection of even larger infrastructures up to the resolution of a single human hair.

The patent protects the calculation of the flight paths for autonomous flights that follow along with the path of objects as the basis for automated visual inspection of wind turbines or other infrastructures. Furthermore, this patent secures the unique method for contactless lightning protection measurement with drones.

Source: IWR Online, Jul 07 2022