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Siemens Gamesa Receives Order for 105 MW Wind Farm for Finland

Zamudio, Spain - Siemens Gamesa has been chosen by leading international project developer Energiequelle for the first time to deliver wind turbines for the Mikonkeidas wind farm in Finland.

For Siemens Gamesa, this is the first order from Energiewquelle. Michael Raschemann, Managing Director at Energiewquelle, said, "We are convinced that Siemens Gamesa is the most suitable partner for our Mikonkeidas wind energy project, and we look forward to a successful cooperation with one of the world's leading suppliers of wind turbines and services."

Wind energy in Finland is experiencing strong growth. From January to today (Oct. 24, 2022), Finnish wind turbines have already generated and fed 8.9 billion kWh of wind power into the power grids, according to ENTSO-E data (same period last year: 5.9 billion kWh). This is an increase of 51 percent. In the full year 2021, wind power generation in Finland reached 7.8 billion kWh.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2022