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Energy Transition Since 1997: Energiequelle GmbH Celebrates 25th Company Anniversary

Kallinchen, Germany - The international project developer and operating company Energiequelle GmbH is celebrating 25 years of company history with a total of 400 employees. More than 800 plants have been connected to the grid, including wind energy and biogas plants, solar parks, transformer stations and modern storage technologies.

In addition to these core areas, Energiequelle is now also involved in innovative energy supply solutions for industrial and commercial customers in the areas of electricity, heat and mobility, as well as in the implementation of power-to-X projects.

Energiequelle GmbH was founded on 22 October 1997 by Michael and Doreen Raschemann and Joachim Uecker. Uecker left the company a few years ago. Since then, 52-year-old Raschemann has been the sole managing director at the main location in Kallinchen, Brandenburg. With 20 additional branches in Germany, France, Finland and Poland, Energiequelle is one of the leading players in the industry.

The most successful milestone in the company's history was the planning of the first energy self-sufficient village in Germany. The 130 inhabitants of Feldheim near Treuenbrietzen, southwest of Berlin, are 100 percent self-sufficient.

At Energiequelle, all signs are pointing to growth. In May 2022, the company moved into its new office in Poznan (Poland) and plans are also moving ahead in South Africa. By 2025, the company also plans to enter the market in two more countries. Raschemann is optimistic that the number of employees will double in the next five years.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2022