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Rapid Wind Energy Growth: Energiequelle Connects Third Finnish Wind Farm to The Grid

Maalahti, Finland - The project developer and operator of wind power plants Energiequelle has completed the Finnish wind farm Takanebacken.

The wind farm with a capacity of 28.5 MW is located in the municipality of Maalahti on Finland's west coast and consists of a total of five Nordex N163 turbines. Energiequelle will take over the operational management of the wind farm and continue to be the contact partner.

"The project can be seen as a prime example of good cooperation between landowners, residents, the municipality and us as project developers. A good exchange of information and a trusting relationship have characterized this project and led to its success," comments Nils Borstelmann, Managing Director of Energiequelle Oy in Finland.

The Takanebacken wind farm was acquired by Commerzbank subsidiary Commerz Real for the Klimavest fund. Commerz Real currently manages over 50 solar power plants and over 40 wind farms in Germany and Europe with a total nominal output of around 1.5 GW through its group-owned funds.

Takanebacken is the third project Energiequelle has connected to the grid since entering the Finnish market in 2015. Energiequelle's next wind farm is expected to be completed before the end of 2023 in the town of Kalajoki. In total, Energiequelle is planning wind projects in Finland with a capacity of around 2,500 MW. The first solar projects are also in the pipeline. From 2024, the strategic focus will also be expanded to include hydrogen and power-to-X solutions.

According to Finnish Energy, wind power production in Finland has increased to 11.5 billion kWh in 2022. This is a 41 percent increase compared to the previous year 2021 and a new annual record. Wind energy thus covered a total of 14.1 percent of electricity consumption (over 80 billion kWh) and 16.7 percent of electricity generation in 2022. By 2028, the share of wind power is expected to increase to 28 percent of Finland's electricity demand.

Source: IWR Online, Feb 02 2023