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Training And Education: RENAC Expands Range to Include Hydrogen And Wind Turbine Technology

Berlin, Germany - With the worldwide expansion of renewable energies and hydrogen, the demand for specialists and professional training in these fields is also growing nationally and internationally.

The Berlin Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG, which specializes in continuing education programs, will again offer classroom courses for participants from around the world in the spring and summer of 2023.

The practical training course for the introduction to renewable energy technologies, which started on April 24, has been expanded this year to include the topic of green hydrogen. The Green Energy Summer School (GESS) will then take place in August and September. Within three weeks, the English-language courses Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies, Management and Economics of Photovoltaic (PV) Projects and Wind Turbine Technology will be offered.

The basic Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies course is designed for professionals with and without a technical background who want to improve their career prospects by gaining a comprehensive introduction to renewable energy technologies and their applications. The Management and Economics of Photovoltaic (PV) Projects course covers PV markets and technologies, management, and financing of solar power projects.

The Wind Turbine Technology course, offered for the first time, covers the latest wind turbine generator technologies and how turbines are manufactured. It also explains how they are deployed in wind farms to reliably and competitively produce green power.

The course content is taught by experts from the respective industry in lectures, with case studies, practical exercises and during visits to renewable energy facilities. Participants thus gain a theoretical as well as a practical understanding.

The Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG is one of the leading international providers of training and education programs and capacity building services in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Since 2008, more than 30,000 participants from over 165 countries have attended RENAC's various training formats.

Source: IWR Online, Apr 04 2023