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Ørsted Builds Flagship ONE: Sweden to Build Europe's Largest Marine E-methanol Plant

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden - Sweden aims to become the future key market for the production and use of e-methanol in shipping. Sweden offers good site conditions.

The great potential for using renewable energies such as onshore and offshore wind power is available, as is a world-leading forestry industry that can supply the biogenic carbon needed for the production of e-methanol.

Danish utility Ørsted is betting on this trend. With the start of construction of a large methanol plant (Flagship ONE) in Sweden, the company aims to supply its ever-growing fleet of methanol-fueled ships. Currently, more than 110 e-methanol ships are on order or in operation, up from just 80 at the end of 2022. The event was also attended by representatives from partner companies, including Siemens Energy, Carbon Clean and Topsoe, which will supply the electrolysers and control system, carbon capture equipment and methanol synthesis equipment, respectively.

At the same time, new regulations such as Fuel EU Maritime are increasing demand for new, environmentally friendly marine fuels, according to Ørsted. The Flagship ONE plant will start production in 2025, when it will produce 50,000 tons of e-methanol per year.

Flagship ONE was originally developed by Swedish e-fuel company Liquid Wind and will be built next to Övik Energi's Hörneborgsverket cogeneration plant in Örnsköldsvik, where the groundbreaking ceremony took place.

laes Fredriksson, CEO and founder of Liquid Wind, said, " FlagshipONE will soon become the largest commercial-scale electrofuel facility in Europe and at Liquid Wind we are thrilled that Ørsted is now starting the construction phase of the project. FlagshipONE is our first sold project and is just the beginning of our journey to become the leading developer of electrofuel facilities. This milestone will hopefully inspire many others to also contribute to the decarbonization of shipping.“

Source: IWR Online, May 05 2023