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Floating Offshore Wind: ABS Approves Novel Design For Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Houston, USA - The market for floating offshore wind turbines is still in its early stages. Accordingly, the various technical design approaches in the field of foundation structures that are being developed and tested are also broad. Which solution will ultimately prevail is currently completely open.

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a classification society specializing in the shipping and offshore sectors, has granted approval in principle (AIP) to ECO TLP TM and MOCEAN-Offshore BV for a new floating offshore wind turbine support structure.

ECO TLP TM's unique design approach uses cylindrical concrete elements and gravity anchors that, in combination with a tension bolt anchoring system, have a smaller footprint than conventional structures with steel-stabilized hulls.

"ECO TLP TM simplifies the 250-meter to 2,000-meter floating wind installation process. Looking at both capital and operational expenses, we are an extremely low-cost solution", said Nicole Johnson Murphy, CEO of ECO TLP Inc.

„ABS is proud to support innovative companies like ECO TLP Inc. who are designing structures that address and solve challenges related to offshore wind’s manufacture, installation and costs“, adds Miguel Hernandez, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Offshore.

The project is now in the next phase of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) at ABS. As part of this stage, preliminary and detailed engineering will take place to determine the approximate capital cost and timeframe for project implementation.

ABS already has extensive experience and expertise in floating offshore wind energy. For example, the company has certified the world's first semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine, WindFloat I. Windfloat Atlantic, the world's largest floating wind turbine at the time of installation, was also classified. Furthermore, ABS certified the Kincardine floating offshore wind farm in Scotland and carried out the statutory audits for the project on behalf of International Registries Inc (IRI).

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2023