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Management Change: Enercon Settles CEO Succession - Udo Bauer to Succeed Dr Jürgen Zeschky From 1 January

Aurich, Germany - The new CEO of wind turbine manufacturer Enercon will be Udo Bauer, who will succeed Dr Jürgen Zeschky from 1 January 2024. As planned, Zeschky will move from his position as CEO to the Board of Directors of the Aloys Wobben Trust, from where he will will support Enercon’s future development.

From the beginning of 2024, Bauer, who has already successfully developed the COO division at Enercon over the past year, will continue to pursue the strategic orientation developed by the Corporate Management team.

"This change at the CEO level ensures continuity for Enercon, which is essential for achieving our goals. In Mr Udo Bauer, we have gained a seasoned manager with international experience for the position of CEO, and I am happy that he will continue on this road to success with the Enercon", says Heiko Janssen, Chairman of the Board of the Aloys Wobben Trust, welcoming the change at the top of Enercon.

As successor to Udo Bauer, Heiko Juritz will take over responsibility for the COO division from 1 January. Juritz was previously responsible for Global Procurement and Supply Line Management at Enercon. According to Enercon, this new appointment will also ensure a seamless transition in this management position.

Source: IWR Online, Nov 11 2023