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New 6.8 MW Wind Turbine: Nordex Receives Orders For 172 MW of Wind Power Capacity From Germany

Hamburg, Germany - Order intake in Germany has developed well for the wind turbine manufacturer Nordex. The largest of the projects won is in Lower Saxony. The Nordex Group is supplying eleven N163/6.X turbines for a 74.8 MW wind farm in the districts of Osnabrück and Vechta for a wind farm operator from Badbergen/Dinklage ("Bünne-Wehdel"). Commissioning is scheduled for fall 2025.

The Bünne-Wehdel wind farm is a repowering project in which 17 Südwind S70 turbines with 1.5 MW (total capacity old: (25.5 MW) and 114.5-meter lattice mast towers from the existing Badbergen-Dinklage wind farm will be replaced by eleven N163/6.X turbines, each with a capacity of 6.8 MW (total capacity new: 74.8 MW) and a hub height of 164 meters.

Karsten Brüggemann, Vice President Region Central of the Nordex Group: "The new 6.8 MW turbines are very efficient and offer a much higher annual yield than the old turbines. We are proud that we can make an important contribution to the energy transition with this repowering project and are particularly pleased that we can install turbines for the same operator group at the same location again after more than 20 years."

Source: IWR Online, Jun 06 2024