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News about wind energy

U.S. wind power starts strong in 2016

Apr 29, 2016 10:34 | Washington, D.C., USA - American wind power had its most productive first quarter for installations since 2012, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported. read more...

Vestas Reports Q1 2016 Financial Results

Apr 29, 2016 09:26 | Aarhus, Denmark - n the first quarter of 2016, Danish wind power manufacturer Vestas generated revenue of EUR 1,464m – a decrease of 4 percent compared to the year-earlier period. read more...

Tata Power Successfully Commissions 44 MW Lahori Wind Farm Project in Madhya Pradesh

Apr 28, 2016 15:27 | Mumbai, India - Tata Power announced the successful commissioning of its 44 MW Lahori wind farm project, located in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh. Tata Power has developed this project through its 100% subsidiary, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL). read more...

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Windenergy up to date in Europe

Satellitenbild Europa

Global wind power generation
[bn. kWh]
[bn. kWh]
World   700
USA 191  182
China     154
Germany    87*    57
Spain      48

Last Update: 24.03.2016, *provisional



Press Releases

Deutsche Windtechnik Assumes Responsibility for Servicing Nordex N117 Turbines

Apr 29, 2016 | Bremen/Osnabrück (renewablepress) - The independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service GmbH has received two contracts within the space of a few weeks for the new Nordex N117 turbines. The service specialists assumed responsibility for the maintenance of three N117 turbines for Planet e... read more...

Nordex secures orders for two Irish wind farms totalling 42.5MW

Apr 29, 2016 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - Nordex has secured orders for two wind farms in the South West of Ireland totalling 42.5 MW, which will enter full operation in summer 2017. Both orders include a 15 year “Premium” full-service contract. The “Killaveenoge” Wind Farm near Drinagh in County Cork will feat... read more...

Upbeat in the US: Nordex connects two new projects to the grid

Apr 22, 2016 | Hamburg (renewablepress) - At the beginning of the year two new projects with Nordex turbines started operation in the United States: \"Thunder Spirit\" in North Dakota with 43 N100/2500 turbines and \"Fair Wind\" in Maryland with 12 WTGs of the same type. Shortly prior to this the American administ... read more...

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The wind energy sector is currently the most well-developed area of industry in the renewable energy sector around the world. Over the past 30 years, an efficient wind energy sector has developed due to the development of research and funding programmes in many countries. With its entry into the offshore wind energy market, what was previously a niche market has now become a global market with major prospects for exports and increasingly powerful wind turbines.

The website offers an introduction to companies and stakeholders from the wind energy sector, and to their offerings, products and range of services. In addition to industry stakeholders, a branch of research into wind energy has developed steadily with the establishment of research facilities around the world. Universities and educational institutions are offering new or expanded options for education and training in the domain of wind energy.

The stock index RENIXX World (Renewable Energy Industrial Index), which comprises the world’s 30 largest companies listed on the stock exchange, reflects the global market development of the renewable energy industry and specifically the wind energy sector. The calendar of events gives details of important trade fairs, events, seminars and conferences relating to wind power. Wind Jobs opportunities around the world are advertised on the Job Portal.

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    Adwen GmbH

    Adwen is a 50/50 joint venture between AREVA and GAMESA, two global energy leaders.With a 2.8-GW pipeline, 5 MW and 8 MW turbines, and extensive capabilities in offshore wind, Adwen aims to achieve a 20% market share in Europe by 2020. The joint-venture is responsible for the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and services of offshore wind turbines. Read More
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    PNE Wind AG

    With its headquarters in Cuxhaven, the PNE WIND Group plans and realises wind farm projects on land and on the high seas. In doing so, its core competence lies in the development, planning, financing, operation, sales and service of wind farms. To date, the PNE Wind Group has already developed wind farms with a total nominal output amounting to more than 2,000 MW. Read More
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    wpd AG

    wpd is a developer and operator of wind farms both onshore and offshore, acting worldwide. Over the last 20 years, wpd has installed 1,900 wind turbines with a total of 3,600 MW. Currently 1,200 MW are held as assets. A group staff of 1,500 is committed to wind energy in 18 countries. Internationally, wpd is planning projects in the scope of 6,700 MW onshore and 8,000 MW offshore. Read More
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