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Qualitas Energy accelerates the energy transition with the acquisition of a 36 MW wind energy project in Brandenburg, Germany

Qualitas Energy acquires 36 MW wind farm project<br />
© Qualitas Energy
Qualitas Energy acquires 36 MW wind farm project
© Qualitas Energy
• The wind farm will be repowered to reach a final installed capacity of 36 MW
• Partnership-based cooperation with local residents and communities creates a strong foundation for sustainable and long-term successful energy projects
• The environmentally friendly wind energy generated at the Brandenburg site will supply approximately 24,000 households in the future

Berlin (renewablepress) - Qualitas Energy, a global investment, management, and project development platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure investment, announced today the successful acquisition of a repowering project with a development potential of 36 MW in Brandenburg, Germany.

The park, equipped with Enercon wind turbines, has been in operation since 1999. Qualitas Energy now plans to replace the existing turbines with five modern ones, whereby the development project is already at an advanced planning stage. Consequently, more than 24,000 households will be supplied with environmentally friendly wind power in the future.

Qualitas Energy values partnership-based cooperation with residents and communities as a key component in the implementation of green energy projects. “Our goal is to realize sustainable projects that not only deliver clean energy, but also gain trust and support from local people. By actively involving the communities in the planning process, we create a strong foundation for long-term successful wind energy projects that offer both economic and environmental benefits for the region,” says Borja Caruana, Managing Director of Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH.

The company speeds projects to success with integrated services - from acquisition and development to construction and operation. “The energy transition has no time to wait, and we are determined to work with local communities to play our part in achieving a clean and independent energy supply quickly and efficiently for the benefit of future generations. We will continue to make significant investments in the German wind energy market and expand our wind development pipeline to a total capacity of 6 GW,” adds Johannes Overbeck, Head of Investments at Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH.

Qualitas Energy closed its fifth flagship fund, Qualitas Energy V, at €2.4 billion, establishing itself as one of the largest renewable energy funds worldwide. At the same time, the company recognizes the enormous need for green investments to accelerate the energy transition in Germany and will invest around 50 percent of the fund’s total volume in the acquisition and development of repowering and greenfield projects in Germany. This will reinforce Qualitas Energy’s position as a solution-oriented and partnership-based accelerator of the energy transition in Germany.

Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH is part of the Qualitas Energy Group, which is committed to the transition to a decarbonized economy and focuses on the acquisition, financing, project development, construction, and operation of onshore wind turbines with a team of more than 250 employees in Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Trier, Cologne, and Stuttgart.

About Qualitas Energy
Qualitas Energy is a leading investment and management platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure investment.

Since 2006, the Qualitas Energy team has managed investments of more than €12 billion in renewable energy worldwide. These investments have been deployed through five vehicles: Fotowatio / FRV, Vela Energy, QualitasEnergy III, Qualitas Energy IV, and Qualitas Energy V.

Qualitas Energy’s existing portfolio currently holds more than 5 GW of operating and development energy assets, including 3.3 GW of wind, 1.2 GWp of solar PV, 242 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 180 MW of renewable natural gas, 6 MW of battery, and 60 MW of hydroelectric power assets across Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland, and Chile.

Since 2020, Qualitas Energy has produced sufficient energy to power 1.54 million homes and, since 2021, has successfully avoided emissions of 1.32 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

The Qualitas Energy team is composed of more than 690 professionals across thirteen offices in Madrid, Berlin, London, Milan, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Trier, Cologne, Stuttgart, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Santiago, and Durham

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Caption: Qualitas Energy acquires 36 MW wind farm project
© Qualitas Energy

Berlin, 11 June 2024

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