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Global Wind Energy Market

Wind energy expansion is characterised by dynamic development worldwide. With an addition of approx. 54,600 MW, the global newly installed capacity in 2016 has fallen by about 15 percent compared to the record year 2015 (about 63,500 MW). The main reason is a lower market volume in China.

Nearly 500,000 MW of wind power at the end of 2016 worldwide

In total, wind parks with a total capacity of around 490,000 MW were installed at the end of 2016 around the world. In the last few years, the Asian market has gained much in importance due to the high expansion potential in China. With over 200,000 MW (40 percent), the countries of Asia are now the largest wind energy market. Within Asia, the Chinese market dominates, with a total installed capacity of almost 170,000 MW at the end of 2016 (see the interactive wind market map).


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Following Asia, European Union countries account for total capacity of almost 161,300 MW (33 per cent). North America (USA, Mexico and Canada) account for around 98,000 MW, corresponding to around 20 per cent of global wind energy capacity.


Expansion of offshore wind energy market slows down in 2016

The offshore sector is gaining in significance within the realm of wind energy development. Following the record year 2015 (new commissioning: about 3,400 MW), the worldwide offshore market in 2016 has fallen by about 35 percent to 2,200 MW. The newly installed and connected offshore wind turbines around the world reach a total capacity of around 14,400 MW by the end of 2016.