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Testing and Examination Centres

Research on wind energy exploitation for electricity production developed from aeronautical engineering. Aerodynamic issues relating to the rotor were very much to the fore at the beginning. The focus of research has evolved over time, with the development of multi-megawatt turbines and increased industrialisation.

A competent, active research landscape is a prerequisite for successful development of the wind energy industry. Fundamental research, together with applied research at universities of applied sciences and industrial research, are the cornerstones of a prospering economy.

Large, high-performance testing and examination centres are an important component of wind energy research. All areas of wind energy exploitation, i.e. from wind supply to turbine technology to connection to the grid, must be provided for. In centres of competence, for example, situations in turbines and in systems can be simulated and new testing methods can be developed. While testing and examination was mainly conducted on individual components in the past, testing of the entire overall system or of composite components is now very much to the fore.


Testing and Examination Centres


Wind energy center of excellence

Institution / company / university
Category Country
Østerild Wind Turbine Test Field Technical University of Denmark Test Stand Denmark
Support structures of onshore- and offshore wind turbines    

University of Hannover Fraunhofer IWES

Foundings Germany
Gondola testing center – section driveline- and systems technology Fraunhofer IWES Gondola Germany
Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD) RWTH Aachen Driveline technology Germany
ECN Wind Turbine Test Site Weriungermeer ECN – Energy research Centre of the Netherlands Test Field The Netherlands
Wind Tunnel Lab The Delft University Wind Energy Research Institute Wind Channel The Netherlands
Wind Technology Testing Center (WTTC) Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Turbine Blades USA
Energy Innovation Center Clemson University Drivetrain Testing USA
Massachusetts Blade Test Facility Nationale Renewable Energy Laboratory Turbine Blades USA
Nationale Wind Technology Center Nationale Renewable Energy Laboratory Turbine Blades  
Wind Turbine Test Laboratory (LEA) National Renewable Energy Centre Test Stand Spain

Note: The list is getting extended regularly