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Nordex: Wind Turbine Order Intake is Booming - 620 MW in 14 Days

Hamburg, Germany - Nordex is currently experiencing a veritable order rally. In the last two weeks, the wind turbine manufacturer reported orders with a total capacity of 620 megawatts (MW).

In addition to the delivery of the turbines, all orders also include the servicing of the turbines under partly long-term service contracts covering up to 30 years.

Nordex Group receives orders for a wind farm capacity of 230 MW from Spain

Of these, Spain accounts for the largest share with 2 orders for a total capacity of around 230 MW. Here, Nordex will be supplying 38 wind turbines of the type N155/4.8 turbines from the Delta4000 series for a wind 182,4 MW wind farm to be built in the central of the country. Delivery and installation of the turbines are scheduled to commence as of spring 2022 with commissioning following in the same year. The Nordex Group will install the Delta4000 turbines with a hub height of 120 metres on concrete towers, which the company will produce locally in Spain. The second order from Spain comprises 11 N155/4.X turbines for a 50 MW wind farm in the north of the country. Installation of the wind farm is to be completed in the course of this year. The Nordex Group will be installing the turbines on 120 meter high concrete towers, which the company is manufacturing in its concrete-tower factory in Motilla del Palancar in Castilla-La Mancha.

Caba Grup orders 39 N133/4800 turbines for 187 MW wind farm in Turkey

The Caba Grup ordered 39 N133/4800 turbines from the Delta4000 series with a total capacity of 187 MW for the second construction phase of the "Istanbul" wind farm. The Nordex Group had already received an order in 2019 for the first 24 MW construction phase "Istanbul-I" with five N133/4800 turbines, where currently the first turbine is being installed and the remaining turbines are under construction. Delivery of the turbines for this second construction phase is scheduled for late summer 2021. The wind farm, located 50 kilometres northwest of Istanbul on the Black Sea, will comprise 44 turbines once completed. According to Nordex this makes the 211 MW wind farm "Istanbul" the largest single licensed project in Turkey to date.

Lithuania's state-owned energy holding company orders turbines for 63 MW wind farm

Ignitis Group, Lithuania's state-owned energy holding company, has contracted the Nordex Group to supply 14 N149/4.0-4.5 turbines. The Delta4000 series turbines are projected for the 63 MW "Mazeikiai" wind farm in the north-west of the country. According to Nordex, the infrastructure works are scheduled to start in the middle of the current year, with the delivery and installation of the turbines scheduled for 2022. Nordex will install the turbines on tubular steel towers - eight with hub heights of 155 metres and six with hub heights of 145 metres. After completion, the turbines will be operated in the 4.5 MW mode.

Energiequelle places orders for finnish wind projects

Further orders were placed by the international wind farm developer Energiequelle, who ordered 12 N163/5.X turbines for the wind farms “Takanebacken” and “Torvenkylä” with a total capacity of 68 MW. The 28.5 MW “Takanebacken” wind farm will be built in the municipality of Maalahti in western Finnish region of Ostrobothnia. The 39.9 MW “Torvenkylä” wind farm will be built 250 km up north near the city of Kalajoki. The Nordex Group will supply the N163 turbines in the cold climate version on tubular steel towers with hub heights of 148 and 118 metres. The turbines will be installed and connected to the grid in the course of 2022.

Germany: Dirkshof orders 20 N117/3600 turbines

Nordex also received an order from Germany. The project developer Dirkshof ordered twenty N117/3600 turbines from the Nordex Group for the citizen wind farm "Reussenkoege" in Germany. The citizen wind farm "Reussenkoege" is a repowering project in North Friesland near to the North Sea coast. The plan is to replace turbines of the 2MW class. The installation of the twenty N117/3600 turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6 MW and a hub height of 91 metres, will commence 2021. Commissioning of the last turbine is scheduled for 2022.

Source: IWR Online, Apr 04 2021