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Wind Market Spain: Wpd Draws Positive Balance for Wind Farm Cluster Torozos

Bremen, Germany - In December 2020, the Bremen-based project developer and operator Wpd commissioned the Corralnuevo wind project, the last wind farm of the 177 megawatt (MW) Torozos wind farm portfolio in Spain.

A few days ago, Wpd was now able to report the surpassing of the mark of a total of 200 million kWh of generated green electricity for the current year 2021 for the wind farm cluster comprising a total of 4 wind farms. This means that the El Poleo (14 Siemens Gamesa G132 turbines of 3.4 MW each), Las Panaderas (13 turbines of the same type), Navillas and Corralnuevo (12 Siemens Gamesa G132 each) projects have already produced over 500 million kWh since the end of 2019. A success that demonstrates the wind potential of the project cluster located in the Castilla y León region, Wpd said.

The projects, located at sites on the Montes Torozos plateau, were awarded in the summer of 2017 in the bidding round for onshore wind energy at that time. After two years to obtain permits and construction implementation, all three projects in the first implementation phase could be commissioned as early as the end of 2019. The commissioning of Corralnuevo in December 2020 marks the completion of the second realization phase.

The Valladolid-based national company Wpd Development Renovables SL was thus able to connect all four projects to the grid in record time. Financing was secured on the basis of long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs).

"The success story of the Torozos portfolio demonstrates our implementation strength in Spain's dynamic renewable energy market. Our Spanish team was able to meet the tight schedule despite restrictions due to the Corona pandemic", emphasizes Dr. Hartmut Brösamle, the Wpd board member responsible for the project. Further projects with several hundred MW capacity are under development, according to Brösamle. In total, the Wpd project pipeline currently includes projects with a capacity of 12,300 MW of wind onshore, 13,800 MW of wind offshore and 1,650 MW of solar energy.

Source: IWR Online, Jun 06 2021