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Scot Wind Programme: Scotland Plans Up to 10 GW Offshore Wind Capacity

Edinburgh, Scotland - The Scottish government is pushing ahead with the further expansion of offshore wind energy. By the ScotWind programme, offshore areas can be leased. The application deadline for the first round was 16 July 2021.

Developers apply to participate in the programme and, if successful, receive the rights to build wind farms in Scottish waters. Following the current closing, the evaluation of the submitted bids will now take place, after which option agreements will be offered to the successful parties.

The Norwegian oil and gas supplier Equinor also participated in the bidding round. Under the ScotWind programme, Equinor aims to further expand its offshore wind cluster in the North Sea and deepen its presence across the UK. According to Equinor, around half of the sites in the first round are floating offshore wind farm opportunities. The company has already gained experience in this area in Scotland with the commissioning of the Hywind Scotland floating offshore wind project in 2017.

The Scottish government hopes that wind farms with up to 10 GW (10,000 MW) of capacity will be built over the next ten years under the ScotWind programme.

Source: IWR Online, Jul 07 2021