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Notus Energy Commissions French Wind Farm with Nordex Turbines

Paris, France - Notus energy has constructed and commissioned a 22.5 MW wind farm to the north-east of Paris. The new wind farm is located near Compiègne in Picardy.

The nine Nordex N100 wind turbines are located 15 kilometers west of Compiègne and have a rated output of 2.5 megawatts (MW) each.

Notus energy intends to keep the wind farm in its own portfolio in the long term. The municipalities receive substantial tax revenues from the wind farm. In addition, there are rents that Notus energy pays to local farmers as landowners.

Potsdam-based Notus energy has been initiating, planning, building and operating wind and solar farms since 2001. Currently, Norut has about 260 MW of installed capacity in its own portfolio and a development pipeline of more than 3,000 MW.

Source: IWR Online, Oct 10 2021