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Wpd Awards Nordex Contract In Sweden - Vestas Wins Contract In Brazil

Hamburg, Bremen, Aarhus / Denmark - The German manufacturer of wind turbines Nordex continues the positive development in order intake with a new order from the Bremen-based developer and operator of onshore and offshore projects Wpd.

The turbines for a wind farm with a capacity of almost 50 megawatts (MW) in Sweden will be delivered in a cold-climate version due to the weather conditions. After Nordex already landed a major order in Brazil last week, Vestas now also reports an order for 99 MW from the South American country.

Wpd signs supply contract with Nordex for Swedish onshore project

Nordex has received an order for 47 MW in Sweden from its regular customer Wpd. The Nordex Group will supply 8 N163/5.X turbines for the "Stöllsäterberget" wind farm. The order also includes a premium service contract of the turbines for 15 years with an extension option for a further five years.

The site of the "Stöllsäterberget" wind farm is located between the provinces of Värmland and Dalarna in the west of Sweden near the Norwegian border. Preparatory construction work for the access roads to the wind farm started in October 2021. Installation of the turbines is scheduled for mid-2023. These will be supplied in the cold-climate variant with an anti-icing system for the rotor blades, enabling operation even at temperatures as low as -30 degrees, and thus high annual energy production can be expected due to the reduced downtime.

"We are pleased about the third order from Wpd for N163/5.X turbines in the Nordic countries and the renewed trust placed in us. As early as 2022, we will deliver and install 33 turbines for Wpd in Finland in the 188 MW "Karhunnevankangas" project and 17 turbines in the 96.9 MW "Nuolivaara" wind farm," said Patxi Landa, COO Sales and Marketing at Nordex Group.

"With our Stöllsäterberget project, we are extending the good cooperation between Wpd and Nordex," said Johanna Bohn, country manager for Sweden at Wpd. "Our entire Swedish team is very pleased that we can now implement our first joint project with Nordex in Sweden and thus together make another important contribution to achieving the national climate targets," added Maria Röske, Managing Director at Wpd Scandinavia AB.

The green power generated will be marketed under a "pay-as-produced" PPA that has been signed with technology IT giant Microsoft.

Through the Stöllsäterberget project, Wpd is expanding the company's position in the Swedish market, following the recent commissioning of the Aldermyrberget project (17 WTGs, 71.4 MW) in northern Sweden in 2020. With its Swedish national company Wpd Scandinavia AB, Wpd plans to develop and connect to the grid a number of other projects in central and northern Sweden in the coming years.

Vestas scores with 99 MW order in Brazil

Nordex competitor Vestas reports an order for a project in Brazil that includes the delivery of 22 V150-4.5 MW turbines and a 15-year service contract for the Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000). Deliveries are scheduled for 2023 and commissioning for 2024. The Danish wind turbine giant did not disclose the customer or the project, nor did it provide further information on the order.

Nordex and Vestas share prices gain

The shares of the two RENIXX groups have increased significantly this week after the announcement of the orders. Currently, the Nordex share is up 5.4 percent so far this week at 15.62 euros (09.12.2021, 13:26, Stuttgart Stock Exchange), while the Vestas share price is currently up 5.7 percent at 28.89 euros (09.12.2021, 11:33, Stuttgart Stock Exchange).

Source: IWR Online, Dec 12 2021