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Dr. Gunar Hering: New CEO At Enertrag

Dauerthal, Germany - A change at the top of the Executive Board is on the horizon at Enertrag. Jörg Müller, previous CEO and majority owner, will withdraw from daily business. He will continue to accompany the development of Enertrag from 1.7.2022 with the scheduled appointment as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

With Dr. Gunar Hering, the previous Enertrag COO will take over the management of the company as of July 1, 2022. Hering has been part of the Executive Board for eight years; prior to his Enertrag activities, the physicist with a PhD helped build up the Boston Consulting Group's renewable energy division as a member of the global energy management team.

Jörg Müller on his move to the Supervisory Board and his new responsibilities: "I am pleased to be able to hand over even more responsibility and thus show at the same time that change and continuity can definitely go hand in hand. Similar to the topic of hydrogen, which has accompanied us for more than ten years and is now finally experiencing the expected breakthrough."

"I am very pleased with the trust that has been placed in me. We will continue to pursue the successful growth course of the past years as a green energy company in order to make a significant contribution to the energy transition and thus to the replacement of fossil energy," said the designated Enertrag CEO Dr. Gunar Hering.

There are some changes in the responsibilities of the board members: In addition to projects and human resources, Dr. Hering will also be responsible for communications and marketing in the future. Matthias König, as Chief Technology Officer, will take over the service area in addition to construction, operations, purchasing and electricity grids. The current CFO Simon Hagedorn will additionally take over IT and digitalization, legal affairs and business organisation.

As Enertrag SE is not a listed company, a so-called "cooling-off period", which could prohibit a direct transfer from the Executive Board to the Supervisory Board, does not apply.

Source: IWR Online, Jun 06 2022