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Qualitas Energy Wins Auction For German Windfarms in Brandenburg And NRW

Berlin, Germany - Qualitas Energy has been awarded contracts for two repowering wind projects in Germany in the Federal Network Agency's onshore wind energy auction.

The sites of the two wind farms, which Qualitas Energy has not specified in detail, are located in Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

In Brandenburg, the total nominal capacity will almost triple with the same number of turbines. A simple calculation example that illustrates the potential of repowering projects. In addition to the higher contribution to climate protection, new turbine technologies are also significantly quieter. With the implementation of a demand-oriented night marking system, the turbines only light up when a flying object approaches, which is particularly advantageous for the acceptance of residents. Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH plans to start construction of the two parks at the end of the year and commission the turbines in 2024.

"After a comprehensive technical and planning law review, a decision is made regarding which turbines can still be operated. The remaining turbines are replaced by modern, more powerful, and thus more efficient ones. In this way, the total number of turbines can be reduced or remain the same in many wind farms, although the production of environmentally friendly electricity increases overall", says Joest Bunse, Director of Structured Finance at Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH, referring to the advantages of repowering projects.

Source: IWR Online, Mar 03 2023