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Turbines in The 5 MW Class: Nordex Receives New Order From Lithuania For Almost 63 MW

Hamburg, Germany - The Nordex Group has received a further order from Lithuania. For the Lithuanian project developer Green Genius, the Nordex Group will supply eleven turbines of the 5 MW class of the type N163/5.X for the wind farm "Jurbarkas II".

The wind farm with a total capacity of 62.7 MW is being built near the town of Jurbarkas in an agricultural region in the south-west of the country, around 50 kilometers from the Baltic Sea. Delivery and installation of the turbines will take place in 2024, and Green Genius will operate the eleven Nordex turbines with a capacity of 5.7 MW.

When entering the Lithuanian market in 2015, the Nordex Group had installed the "Jurbarkas" wind farm with eight N117/3000 turbines in the region. At that time, Nordex set up a service point near the wind farm, from which the turbines of "Jurbarkas II" will also be serviced after commissioning.

In April 2023, Nordex had already received an order for 16 turbines of the 6 MW class of the type N163/6.X and a total capacity of 106 MW.

According to the Lithuanian wind energy association Lvea, wind turbines with a capacity of 946 MW were in operation in Lithuania at the end of 2022, compared with just 671 MW a year earlier.

Source: IWR Online, May 05 2023