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Windpark Elster: Groundbreaking Ceremony For One of The Largest Repowering Projects in Europe

Dresden, Germany - In Saxony-Anhalt, project developer VSB will dismantle 50 outdated wind turbines and replace them with new, high-performance turbines. The new wind farm, which is scheduled to go into operation in the second half of 2024, will have a capacity of 105.6 MW and generate around 235 GWh per year, VSB announced.

"We are proud to be at the forefront of the repowering revolution in Europe with the Elster wind farm project. It demonstrates our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and creating value in the region. By using the latest technology and adhering to the highest environmental standards, we are not only increasing the efficiency and performance of the wind farm, but also creating a better future for our planet", says Frédéric Lanoë, CEO of the VSB Group.

The 50 old turbines have already been dismantled according to the industry standard DIN SPEC 4866. Many of the old turbines at the Elster wind farm will be reused abroad after inspection and technical processing or will serve as spare parts storage.

According to VSB, the 16 new turbines will be erected according to the "split scope" concept. Max Bögl Wind AG will build the foundations and concrete towers, while Siemens Gamesa will erect the steel towers and the turbines, each with an output of 6.6 MW (type SG 6.6-155). Max Bögl is using a sustainable concrete technology whose production reduces CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent. The turbines from Siemens Gamesa generate 48 times the energy consumed during their life cycle and are 89 percent recyclable.

Source: IWR Online, May 05 2023