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Deutsche Windtechnik And Its Partners Launch The First Advanced Training Examination For "Electrical Specialist in Industry (IHK)" in English

Bremen, Germany - The wind industry offers extensive employment opportunities for qualified specialists. On the initiative of Deutsche Windtechnik, there will now be the first advanced training examination in Germany for "Electrical Specialist in Industry (IHK)" with the examination language English.

Eight participants from Deutsche Windtechnik's offshore unit will take part in the pilot course, which starts today (13.11.2023) in Bremen. After passing the exam, graduates of the course will be able to work as electricians on wind turbines and also lead teams in electrical activities.

The Bremen-based vocational training center Friedehorst is a partner of the qualification measure and will be conducting the exam preparation lessons. The training facility will prepare the participants for the exam in around eleven weeks, with lessons consisting of theoretical and practical components.

The final examination is conducted by the Bremen Chamber of Commerce - IHK for Bremen and Bremerhaven. By taking the exam in English for the first time, employees in the offshore wind energy sector whose day-to-day work takes place in English should be able to prove that they are qualified in the specialist field of electrical engineering.

The advanced training examination is primarily aimed at people with a technical vocational training qualification and two years of professional experience in the field of electrical engineering. However, according to Deutsche Windtechnik, people without a qualification who can demonstrate skills and knowledge in the field of electrical engineering can also take the final examination.

The costs of exam preparation for Deutsche Windtechnik employees are borne almost entirely by the company. In addition, accommodation is provided and care is taken to ensure that work and lessons can be well coordinated. However, according to Deutsche Windtechnik, the Bremen Chamber of Commerce examination is also open to other interested and suitably qualified individuals. If the pilot run is successful, the plan is to hold the course annually.

„This investment not only contributes to the sustainable further qualification of the specialists we already have," comments Hanna Dudda, Project Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik, on the launch of the measure. "This further training exam option is primarily intended for people with technical vocational training and two years of professional experience in the field of electrical engineering," adds Michael Zeimet, Managing Director and Head of the Training and Further Education Division at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

Source: IWR Online, Nov 11 2023